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Charos Hostal Montanita Ecuador

Montanita is located three hours north of Guayaquil along the coast of Ecuador, 1 hour north of Libertad-Salinas, and two and a half hours to the south of Manta.

From Guayaquil:


  • The bus transportation company CLP (Compania Libertad Peninsular) has three direct buses to Montanita. The cost is approximately $6. If you are not able to get on a direct bus, you may go to Santa Elena, where you may make a transfer to a bus going to Montanita. A taxi from Guayaquil to Montanita costs about $70.

From Quito:


  • One way to get to Montanita from Quito is by going to Puerto Lopez (a city north of Montanita) and taking a bus south to Montanita.
  • Another way to get to Montanita from Quito is to go to Guayaquil and do as explained above.
  • You may also take a flight from Quito to Guayaquil (with several flights a day) or take a flight from Quito to Salinas (frequency of 3 days weekly).

From Cuenca:

          You have to go first to Guayaquil (4 hrs) and then take a transportation to Montanita.

From the Exterior:

  • It is convenient to book your flight with an arrival at Guayaquil being that it is the closest international airport to Montanita. It is convenient to take a taxi from the airport to the bus terminal even though they are quite close due to security reasons. (The taxi ride should cost about $3.)